Friday, September 30, 2011

Six months

Maybe things will slow down a little now.

I've mostly cleaned out my old house and gotten it ready to rent out. It's about time; I've been married for six months now!

For two middle-aged people used to living alone and doing things exactly their own way in their own houses, marriage is an adjustment.

I see no reason, for example, to store bath soap in the kitchen cabinet. It's not really very useful there. So, I store it on the bathroom shelf, and my adored tears the kitchen cabinet apart looking for soap.

He has a general policy against rearranging things.

My adored one likes routine. I get bored. When I drive to church, I always take the shortest, most direct route, so we can hopefully get there on time. I take various alternate routes on the way home, however, because I like to see what's going on around town. My adored sees no reason for this.

He thinks he can improve my driving and parking-space selection with various helpful suggestions he freely offers; I think not.

I'm a better driver, anyway.

I think he needs to get rid of more junk; he thinks I need to get rid of more junk. He likes animal fat; I explain why olive oil is better for my health and his.

But, my adored one has a great heart underneath his self-proclaimed "grumpy" old exterior. He makes me coffee in the morning. I even saw him pick up the bottle of olive oil to cook something the other day.


Padre Mickey said...

Well, you two have the rest of your lives to adjust.
It would all be much easier if you did it my way, of course.

Saint Pat said...

Thanks, Padre — and what is your way?

PseudoPiskie said...

I have a friend who moved to The Villages or something like that and is looking for an LGBT friendly church. Given the Epis Dio of Central Florida's backwardness/idiocy she hasn't gone visiting. Do you have any recommendations?

Saint Pat said...

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, just up the road a few miles in Fruitland Park, is all inclusive.

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