Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy happy joy joy

I got a rain barrel, courtesy of my farming friends. It sat beneath the spot where two parts of my roof join, patiently waiting for rain. We got a little, one afternoon. I looked into my barrel a few days later, and found only dried residue.

Now, the rains have come. We've had some deluges, and the wildfire threat has largely passed. My rain barrel overfloweth. Yippee! Now, I have auxiliary water for times when storms that knock out my electricity — and access to well water. Plus, there's water for plants when the weather is dry.

We have a new rector at church, Fr. R. Though I'm still grieving our interim, Father M., who died a couple of months ago, I'm happy to greet Fr. R. He's middle of the road enough to keep the congregation together, I think, and he has a sense of humor and fun. I'm hoping and praying for good things to come. I'll write more later.

A couple of people spearheaded a move to start a community-supported farm nearby, and I'm very interested. I've been covering the movement through the newspaper, and intend to become a member. A 5-6 acre plot of land has already been offered to start the farm, and I'm getting ready to go out there and get photos of a tractor at work, tilling the ground.

Yipppee! Farmer St. Pat. Who'da thunk?