Friday, October 02, 2009

St. Pat takes a vacation

Yes, it's true! The first in a long time!

I finished up the environmental-stewardship Bible study, which went very well, and took a vacation. It was more of a stay-cation.

My friend Mr. T. had a gift certificate for a stay at a hotel on the beach, which he said he didn't have time to use. He gave it to me.

Delirious view: the sun rises over the Atlantic

It was deliriously wonderful to get up in the morning with nothing more pressing to do than sit on my balcony with a a cuppa coffee and watch the sun rise. Then, I went beach-walking, swimming and relaxing.

Now I'm back at the grind.

My Sandhill Crane friends continue to visit, and they're a treat. I can't complain. Life is feeling pretty good.