Friday, July 25, 2008

Signs of life

Yes, dear hearts, I'm still here. I'm tired of working too much between my two jobs, but I'm surviving.

We've been deluged with rain the past couple of weeks, and that's just what we need. The rainfall totals for the year and the aquifer are both running low.

Everything is green, joyously and vibrantly so. The grass and clover, the plants in my yard are drunk on their extra rations of water!

These elephant ears by the patio are on a mission to repopulate my yard - lots of little ones are coming up.

My rose bushes have finally produced one rose this summer, but it's a glorious one, and it's stayed full all week.

Betsy, always alert to the possibility of thunderstorms, hears the dreaded sound of thunder approaching this evening.

St. Pat's new rain barrel overfloweth

Dear Lord, thank you for the gorgeous colors you give us -- greens and reds, blue sky, crystalline water. Thank you for the gift of life, not only our own, but that which abounds in the world around us. Guide us and instruct is in caring for this life. We know we are only your stewards, and none of it belongs to us. Amen.