Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Faithfulness in the face of death

"> A quick update--the healing service was amazing. The woman I described in the first posting (I'll call her Mary) made it to the service. Father Dearest, our Rector, is really on when he is on, and he was on Sunday night, with exactly the right, passionate sermon and words of encouragement. We all gathered around Mary and a couple of others who needed prayer and laid hands on them in soaking prayer. The power of God was there.

Mary doesn't have a lot of time left, and she knows it, but she is triumphant in her faith, and in having succeeded in staying with her family for this extra time--and she may have another month or so more than I think, especially after that service. She should have been dead a couple of years ago, according to the doctors. Mary says, "It's all to God's glory."

Each day is precious to her and she is grateful to God for His love and what He's done for her. I can't think of any better witness than this. Mary is the light of a city on a hill.

How many of us could remain so faithful in the face of this adversity?

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