Monday, October 20, 2003

Choosing life

An update -- I talked to my brother's boss this morning. She is willing to help him get disability and come back to his job when he is better -- if he gets treatment. I also called our local treatment center for information and advice, for he will need more help when he gets out of the hospital.

I looked at my posting from last Sunday, October 12. I prayed, "Please bring my family together through Your mediation and Your grace. Bind us up in Your love." God has been answering that prayer. He brought Toby back. Now, the question is, will my other two brothers be able to accept him? They've been angry at him for "not being interested in his family." I'm praying for reconciliation here.

There is help for Toby and there are people praying for him. He will have to choose to accept the help. I can probably have him forced into a treatment center, even if he doesn't want to go, but it won't accomplish much if he's just marking time.

God remembered Toby and brought him back from the land of the dead. Now, Toby will have to choose life. God will not let Toby slip through His fingers, but if Toby chooses to jump from the palm of His hand, God will let him, even as He grieves over it. God gives us the choice.

Please pray for Toby to make the right choices.

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