Thursday, December 25, 2003


A Shepherd’s Story

I. Advent

I am a simple man, a shepherd who tends my sheep.
I know where to find good grazing ground,
But these hints of miracles and mysteries deep?
Lord, I have no mastery of things profound.
I cannot understand the signs You gave me--
I only pray that in Your mercy You’ll save me.
Sleepless, I marvel at the star being birthed this hour;
Oh Abba, what is this terrible thing I await,
This Holiness of such unyielding power
that on shaking knees I beg my fear abate.
I can do nothing but pray. On You, Oh God, I wait.

II. Christmas

Hosanna! For in the deep of the night
The Lord brought to us this Holy Light!
To God’s Glory my human spirit yields,
To His Son, whose sign I witnessed from the fields.
He is among us now with extraordinary grace,
A gift from the Father to save our mortal race.
I have seen my Savior -- this night my hope was born
In this baby whose radiance outshines the morn.
My knees tremble yet with fear and awe
For tonight, in an infant, it was God I saw.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May you find many blessings waiting for you.

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