Thursday, November 25, 2004

Animal House

Betsy the Angel

Our animals play important roles in our lives. Betsy (the Best Dog in the World), a border collie/Australian shepherd mix, has been featured in a number of my blog entries; she's the one who patiently puts up with Jack the Brat, the one who snuggles up against my legs when I'm sick in bed. She's a joyous dog, full of spirit.

This is about a dream I had a couple of weeks ago, one vivid enough to stay with me.

In the dream, I walked out of a dark house, to go talk to two men who were on top of the roof, hammering. But when I got outside, I walked away from the house, instead.

Betsy met me. She was basically the same as in real life, but her ears were a bit bigger, I think for listening to the Holy Spirit, and her muzzle was just a bit heavier, emphasizing the Australian shepherd in her.

She danced around me excitedly, full of joy. She wanted me to come with her. I looked back toward the house, but she said no, pulling at my sleeve to come with her, instead.

I looked forward, where she was directing me, a steep path leading up the side of a hill or mountain. Cool, refreshing, fall air brought leaves swirling around my feet.

As I started forward on the path, she extended her paw forward and bowed, then began to dance with joy again.

That's it. That's the dream.

I think the house represents the family situation and the past from which I came. It was dark and airless. I think the men on the roof represented my brothers, nailing shut the only opening to let in the light. The Light of the World.

I think Betsy represented an emissary, an angel, maybe the Holy Spirit herself. She was sent to help me find the path I need to be on -- a path that may be steep and difficult at times, but one that will take me to a higher and better place, closer to God and joy and healing.

The leaves represented the death of the old life; the cool air symbolized the new life brought by the Holy Spirit.

I was looking at Betsy a few days ago and thinking about the dream. I asked her, "Are you my angel dog?"

She placed her paw on the floor and leaned back in a bow, just as she had done in the dream, whuffed, and danced around me with delight.

I took that as a "yes," and a reminder to let the joy in.

I hope everyone has been having a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving.
Love and hugs from the unSaintly Pat!

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