Thursday, January 06, 2005

Epiphany thoughts

I received this today on my Episcopal Voices listserv. It's terrific.

Go Home Another Way

You are looking for me in the wrong place.
You come looking for me in the lofty palaces of the mighty and the powerful forces that shift the plates of the earth,
but today I have been born in the shore-line stable of chaos built by the sea-hammers of destruction,
and yet you still come.
You come bearing gifts, precious, life-giving gifts.
Gold - to buy food, fresh water, clothing, medicine and shelter.
Bring your gold.
Come bring your money and resources to the cradle of poverty and devastation.

Frankincense - fragrance of prayer, rising like a phoenix from the pyre of human suffering.
Bring your frankincense.

Come bring your prayers of faith and healing to the cradle of hopelessness.

Myrrh - blessed balm, oil of anointing, touch me gently, soothe my aching, orphaned soul.
Bring your myrrh.
Come bring comfort to the cradle of grief and pain.
Look for me, bring your gifts, then go home another way,
Another way of living as neighbors,
Another way of loving one another,
Another way.

Jenny Gordon+
Victoria, Australia

Happy Epiphany! May the wisdom of those three kings who found The King of Kings be with us and our leaders this year. -- UnSaintly Pat

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