Wednesday, February 09, 2005

See what you think

I found the article the archdeacon was having a hissy about at the convention (see the Feb. 5 post) at the North American Association for the Diaconate. Scroll down the page to the Diakeno newsletter and open this year's Advent issue. The article is on page 5 - "Acceptance Speech for the First Faith in Action Award."

See what you think.

In the meantime, liberal, John Kerry, Al Franken, liberal, liberal, sort of moderate, liberal liberal liberal. Ted Kennedy. Democratic National Committee. John Kerry, Kerry, Kerry.

I'm trying to get the focus of the Adsense ads changed. They've been linking to ultra (I won't say the "C" word) sites, based on my use of the "C" word in my posts.

I need to make a few cents -- click on the ads once in a while. I'm supposed to get compensated according to the number of clicks.



Jim said...

I may have told you that in the Episcopal church of my youth, up in LA (Lower Alabama, Dothan, to be specific), we had two rows of pews - in the back, of course - cordoned off in case any persons of color should show up. Wanted to ensure that they were welcome, but in their place, don't you know.

And now, a few years later, those same people and their children are talking (not my LA church, praise God) about joining themselves to a 99.9999% African church. Where they don't have gays, just multiple adulterous heterosexual affairs to spread AIDS through the continent. I guess that's OK?

By the way, I heard that James Dobson is thinking about poking another hole in Sponge Bob. [I've got to quit thinking about this....]

Glad you're posting more. BTW is Tallahassee in your diocese?

Saint Pat said...

No, my diocese is the ultra-"C" Diocese of Central Florida. May it become more balanced.

Thanks for your comments.

The UnSaintly

Anonymous said...

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