Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Purple journalism

My copy of the diocesan newsletter came in the mail today. The headline is: "Near the breaking point: The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion."

The front page is filled with that headline, the first part of the bishop's letter (see my last entry) and a photo with the caption "Primates consider future of the Anglican Communion at their meeting in Northern Ireland."

Further inside is an "Analysis" by an AAC supporter-priest talking about how the the Episcopal Church has "chosen to walk apart from the rest of the Communion," and how "one primate" viewed Bishop Griswold's statement that God was working in new ways, or in a "leading of the Holy Spirit" was a "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit," prompting charges of "heresy" against the Episcopal Church.

Gee, wonder which primate that was? Must be that mysterious, anonymous one who's been quoted before.

Our analyst raises the overriding concern of the Global South about "whether scripture was trustworthy and true." And, "If it is true, then the normalization of homosexuality violated both the word and the spirit of scripture -- as well as the universal teaching of the Church." Or, as I interpret this statement, "My way or the highway."

Finally, at the back of the newsletter, "A word from the Presiding Bishop" was finally printed.

I think I'm going to "walk alone" on off to bed. May the Good Lord bless us and keep us all.

Heretically yours,
UnSaintly Pat


Jim said...

Challenge: a post in which the separateness of Christians is below the limn. You are a fantastic writer and I'd like your take on what else is happening....

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