Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yes, I'm still here

I haven't blogged recently (that's obvious). My apologies to anyone who might have been to the site looking for something to read!

My household has been getting back to normal. Betsy moped for a week or so after Good Old Boy's death, then recovered.

The vet took Good Old Boy's body for cremation. I haven't received his ashes yet, but when I do, I will bury them with the roots of a plant in the yard.

There's more to tell about me, and I will blog soon.

Love to all,
the unSaintly Pat


Jamie Dawn said...

Unfortunatley, our dog, Simba, is nearing her end. She's a big old Mastiff with a sweet nature. She just had surgery and may not be able to fully recover. We'll see what happens. Poor, old girl.

Jay said...

I have missed you, Pat. But on your own time, I understand.

We have two cats, 17 and 15, similar feelings and cherishing them in old age. The older one recently treated for hyperthyroidism, and she is doing very much better. Caught (and yes, ate) a mouse just yesterday. There was a lesson in joy there. Old pets, lessons. Cats and dogs, lessons (the latter for the Anglican Communion, I should think!).

Saint Pat said...

Bless your hearts, Jamie and Jay, both of you, and your pets. I look at Betsy, my border collie mix, and think, "she's only five-and-a-half years old." But it seems only yesterday she was a little puppy, and the next five years will go by equally fast.