Saturday, February 25, 2006


"I take on the fat cats and run with the big dogs."

The UAE: our new best friends

The former head of the Sept. 11 commission said the deal "never should have happened."

Bush's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, said there was no going back on the deal.

So it sounds like a done deal to turn over six major ports to Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates. This is great. Turning over ports like Baltimore and Miami to foreign interests.

The administration defends itself by saying critics are just anti-Arab bigots, and these nice UAE people aren't like those war-mongering Iraqi citizens we're blowing the crap out of. Just because UAE honchos went hunting with Osama Bin Laden after Bin Laden declared war on U.S. citizens.

Noooo, the UAE will always be a friend to the U.S., no matter what happens over there.

The xenophobia card coming from the administration that wages war against Arabs in the name of protecting us against terrorism, when it's really waging war for oil and political and financial gain, killing thousands of Arabs in the process? Really.

Gimmee a break.

It is unwise, or let me be blunt -- stupid and mindless -- to turn over control of our ports, our interstate system, our railway systems or our airport systems to any foreign interests. I can tell you, I wouldn't be that impressed if the French, those pro-U.S. Europeans, were taking over, either.

The trouble with a Middle Eastern group taking over is simply the instability in the region. I, Politicat, recently time-traveled back to the time we were best buds with Iran, and we loved the Shah. Remember that? Remember how fast things change over there?

U.S. relations with other countries, and other interests, can change PDQ, this cat tells you.

So we give away control of a top national-security concern, like our ports? To ANY corporate interests owned by foreign governments?

Just because its happened before, doesn't mean we should allow it to continue. Other countries are smart enough to be extremely leery of letting (read this as not letting it happen) foreign interests buy up property, businesses and infrastructures within their countries. We need to wise up.

And the administration hardly knew anything about it. That's funny in itself -- our antiterrorist gurus don't know about control of our ports being sold off?

Yeah, right.

I wonder how much Bush and Cheney friends will make off the deal? Politicat's sensitive nose detects the stink of filthy lucre changing hands.

What's next? Selling Dulles International Airport operations to the North Koreans?

Hmmm. Better look -- maybe they already own it.


Pisco Sours said...

I discovered that DP World operates ports in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Germany, India... and I really don't think you can equate terminal operations with security and customs operations, and the U.S. will still have full control over the latter. All DP World will be doing, if I understand this correctly, will be loading and unloading containers.

You are correct about the filthy lucre though.

Saint Pat said...

Politicat sez:

You're right, Pisco, what I've read indicates they will handle terminal operations -- not security. That's still queasy-making. I can think of a number of scenarios we might be concerned about what they might be loading and unloading in those containers, and how easy it might be to get around customs and security.

We're giving control of the heart of our terminals to others.

Thanks for the filthy lucre link. It's so typical of this administration. The ties to big corporate interests are the ties that bind.

Sometimes I think we're a bunch of patsies, for sale to the highest bidder, whose people infiltrate our governmental policy-making offices. We just don't know it.