Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday morning cat fights

It's Saturday morning, and both contenders have entered the ring at the Saintly household. On the left is Jack the Brat, the scrappy revisionist upstart. He's already chewing up the carpet in anticipation of the match (one of the reasons the Saintly household has no decent carpets). On the right is Elvis, the big fundagelical fatcat.

They tangle. It's fast and flurious.

Jack the Brat uses his famous grab-and-bite technique.

Elvis returns with a mean right hook.

Jack retires to his corner, a look of innocence on his face, though he has strands of Elvis' fur in his mouth.

Elvis inquires, "Other cat? What other cat?"

Unlike people, they quit before anyone really gets hurt.


Lee said...

Love the flashing tails! You got great shots and oh how true it is to live in a cat household. Thanks for a good smile.

sharecropper said...

Wow, what great photography! Your cats are the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that all looks very familiar. At my house, we usually have sneak attacks, grudges held, and revenge taken later when the moms aren't looking. Ah, life with cats!

Saint Pat said...

Aren't cats an endless parade of entertainment?

I hear hissing in the next room now. Yet, they can be so sweet and loving.