Friday, November 23, 2007

Moving into holiday season

Saint Pat spent the day as a bird of the air, or a lily of the field: She toiled not, yet her good Father provided for her.

Thanksgiving was a day of living off the fruits of other people's efforts, and it was a good one!

I went to church in the morning, followed by a great Thanksgiving luncheon in the parish hall. I sat at the table with the bird griller. Yes, the parish turkeys had been grilled over charcoal, and the turkey was quite tasty, with a slight mesquite flavor!

Our turkey chef and his wife had been in a bad auto accident. They were cheerful, and grateful for their continuing recovery, though the missus still wears a large brace around her midsection. When I left, they reminded me to wear my seatbelt. Sweet people.

After a few hours at home doing some housekeeping chores and baking a pumpkin pie to take with me, I went to my friends Bob and Linda's house for a small dinner party. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of roasted Cornish hens with mashed potatoes, peas, cranberry sauce, salad, wine, and of course, aforementioned pumpkin pie for dessert. It was cool enough to eat on the front porch, which had been decorated with Japanese lanterns. The whole house was lovely, and the feast beautifully presented. My friend Linda can outdo Martha Stewart!

I did think about the things for which I am grateful. The nasty cold bug made me appreciate my overall good health, and the senses of smell, taste and hearing!

I'm grateful for good friends, for my home -- my haven -- and for the ability to enjoy life. I'm grateful for the cruise. I'm grateful to God for pulling me through the bad times and giving me the good ones.

God gave me good things for my enjoyment, and it's disobedience not to honor his intention.

I want to enjoy life. I watched my mother refuse to enjoy it, and I don't want to be like that. She was determined that Thanksgiving (and every other holiday) was nothing but another day to her, and even though a turkey may be prepared, there was no joy allowed in her house, especially if it was just her and me for the holiday. And was it was usually just her and me. My brothers always had better things to do. I spent some dreary Thanksgivings and Christmases at her house.

This is no disrespect to my mother. It was her woundedness, and her anger with God and the world, which got worse after Dad died. Dad enjoyed holidays, and they were good when he was around, but Mom outlived him by many years.

I will celebrate the holidays. Holy days are holy.

Thank you, Lord for all the good things of this life.

Today, I'm going to the newspaper office for a little while, but I'm not going to work all day, and I'm taking Betsy, the best dog in the world, for whom I'm also grateful, with me.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the house of friends Michelle and Ken, where there will be a big Thanksgiving party, and more turkey feasting.

Thank you, Lord.


Rowan The Dog said...

That's a lovely post, Pat. Much to be thankful for.

sharecropper said...

Glad you're home and had a good time. I hope you celebrate the holidays with as much gusto as you write about them. And, you're right: Holy days are holy - and the joyousness should overflow.

Peace and happy feasting!

KJ said...

Happy post Thanksgiving, Pat.

Saint Pat said...

Happy post thanksgiving everyone!

You're right, Sharecropper - it's easier to say than do, but I'm putting my best effort into it!