Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Holidays from sunny Florida

Warm season's greetings from sunny Florida! I snapped the photo of this gator at the run at Blue Spring State Park.

It's been gator weather - warm and sunny, after just a couple of cool days right before Christmas. Highs in the 80s today. It's supposed to turn chilly right after New Year.

This baby is enjoying the sunshine while he can get it. He says, stop on by, chat a while.

A big Happy New Year!


Juanuchis said...

I love Blue Spring.

And your comment about the 'gator brings to mind postings from one of my favorite Episcopal/West Virginia blogs, "The Goat Rope".

Check out this series:

PseudoPiskie said...

Happy New Year, Saint Pat!

Saint Pat said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

And Crocky is as unreliable as "The Goat Rope" snapping turtles. He says, "Yes, stop on by for New Year's dinner. And do you have any dogs? I especially like little poodles. Bring 'em with you. We'll have a New Year feast!"

David G. said...

Those 80's sure disappeared it's down right icy.

pj said...

I heard Florida had some flurries yesterday! Not surprising, as we had a windchill factor of -1 here in NY.

Hi Saint Pat! Happy New Year!

Saint Pat said...

Happy New Year!