Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida Mistral

We've had hot, dry and windy weather. Perfect for brushfires, which have dotted the landscape.

It's been a dry spring, and the wind came last Sunday. I call the wind the Florida Mistral. Our Mistral is a fierce, hot and arid wind, blowing out of the west-southwest.

Last Sunday, the gusts were scary at times. They rattled the front door and windows unnerving Betsy, who moved from her usual nap spot by the front door to a more protected spot between the coffee table and sofa. The winds brought dry underbrush to tinderbox conditions.

We've been lucky in the saintly household -- so far, no fires very close to us, but the wind is still blowing, with no precipitation expected. Fires numbered around 103 around the state the last count I saw. Some were set deliberately.

The grass is yellow-brown and dry. It crunches beneath your feet.

Ah, Florida. Land of extremes.

Pray for rain.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi. I just clicked here at random. I like your reference to being a branch in the vine and your explanation of being a saint. I'm sorry to hear Florida is still having a drought.

Ann said...

I guess you sent your rain to Wyoming - we had a record month.

Ann said...

wondering how you are --

Saint Pat said...

Ann and Ruth, thanks! I (once again) promise to post more faithfully.