Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Living the life political

It's election season, and I've been in the thick of it -- interviewing local, state and congressional politicians running in this area. I'm more involved in writing political stories than ever, and I'm getting the nasty side, the innuendos and smear campaigns up close.

Maybe it just seems worse this year than ever, but I think it is worse. I'll be glad when elections are over.

I've even had an angry politician take a swipe at me. Maybe that means I've arrived.

Tonight, I'm going to see Sen. Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton live in person, over in the Orlando area. Oh boy.

I've had some good times, despite all the work. I went to a wine festival Friday night for my birthday, then went to see the movie "W" Sunday. I've been going out with friends after work a lot the past week or so, which is good, because I had been a little isolated with my work schedule, but it still seems like I'm hardly ever home.

I quit my part-time job, after getting a pay raise to do more editing chores at the newspaper. That means I'm working longer hours at the paper. I may have to get another part-time job the first of the year, but I'm enjoying the breather from running back and forth.

Peace out for now. I'll write you about the Obama experience!


Padre Mickey said...

Good to see a post here! I'm glad to hear you're busy and staying out of the pool halls.
So, who was the politician, and what kinda nasty swipe did said person take at you?
Enquiring minds want to know!

Oh, yeah: Happy Hallowe'en!

David G. said...

HellOOOooooOOOoo Patricia!!!

Anyone conscious or did the rain barrel tip over and drown you (giggles) ...Not likely (8 ball answer).

Not likely because it hasn't rained here in so long, I bet the rain barrel is almost empty.

Padre Mickey said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Pat. I hope you have a great day.

Saint Pat said...

Oh, thank you, guys! I'm still here! The nasty politician, who was running for re-election, refused to give me public information from her office for a story I was working on, because she knew I supported the challenging candidate. The information had nothing to do with the campaign -- it was information her office should have been ready to supply anyone who requested it.

Saint Pat said...

Re: politician - she gave out quotes to the media I could get the info from ANOTHER paper (one that endorsed her).