Friday, January 30, 2009

Parish goes mad, elects Saint Pat

Yes, gentle readers. That was the other thing going on while Saint Pat was discovering the big "D." Saint Pat got elected to the vestry at her church.

There was a whole new slate of us, just about, so it wasn't too hard. A couple of people nominated me, and there was no opposition. It ain't easy getting people to run for vestry, I figure.

It will be interesting. I believe we have a good vestry. We'll have to be able to work together to bring our parish through these trying times. Like just about every parish, we're struggling with dwindling finances and other assorted problems.

Our former rector asked me about running for the vestry a few years ago, but experiences at my former parish were still too fresh in my mind. I ran screaming.

Now, well, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

I'm praying I'll be a blessing to the parish I've grown to love so much.


sharecropper said...

Congratulations on two accounts - first for accepting the call and second for having your call to the vestry affirmed by your parish. What a great experience to be there and what a great experience it will be.

I am thrilled for you and proud to know you.

As for my own pain, bad days still occur, but cymbalta, exercise and a C-PAP machine have helped greatly.

I am at a beach condo trying to pull together something coherent to say to my therapist on Monday. We are working on a plan to go forward instead of reflecting on the past - a plan that will integrate the whole of me - or as much as possible.

Blessings upon you and your vestry as you go forward in these times.

Saint Pat said...

Bless you, Sharecropper. I'm praying for your pain to subside, for there to be many more good days than bad days for you, and movement forward.

I know from personal experience it's easy to dwell on the past and on loss. Christ's greatest gift to us is hope, and hope looks forward.

Christ, we pray you keep Sharecropper right beside you in her walk. May she hear your voice clearly, so she can stay safely on the path you choose for her. We know you dearly love this precious child and want only good things and a good future for her, and we bless you and praise you for this. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Thanks for your vote of confidence in my service on the vestry. I'll try to live up to it!

Tobias Haller said...

Congratulations! Sure you want this job??? ;-)
Hugs and all the best...

David G. said...

I Knew You Could Do It!!
He always did!!