Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A death in the family

The past five days have all run together. My best friends who are like family to me, lost their grown daughter. They still don't have the word on cause of death.

My friends are still in shock and anger. They have been able to count on friends surrounding them and helping them with the details. It hasn't all really sunk in. K had two small children they will be raising, and they've had a lot to keep them preoccupied.

I was fond of K, and haven't even wrapped my own mind around the fact she's dead.

After making the funeral arrangements, her father said nobody should have to do that for his own child. He's right.

Tomorrow, or rather later today, is the funeral. I'm supposed to do a Bible reading and speak, which I'm happy I can do.

Keep my friends and their family in your prayers. The hardest part is just beginning.

God who comforts those who mourn in Zion,
comfort this mourning family.
You know the despair of losing a beloved child;
Help them heal. Hold this family close
and shelter them under your wing.
Give them your peace.
In the name of your son, our savior
Jesus Christ, Amen.

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