Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello, Crane!

And now, a break from the depressing news. More crane news!

These magnificent birds, Sandhill Cranes, have really made a comeback the past few years. This fellow (?) is one of a pair that stay around my neighborhood.

He — I think I'll call him Craniac — was in my front yard one morning last week, by himself.

Craniac looked at me inquisitively. I started talking to him in a soft tone of voice, and he cocked his head, as if listening intently. He calmly walked up to within a few feet of me.

We shared a communal moment together. It was a spiritual moment. Craniac tried to share what it's like to be a crane, and I tried to understand.

What magnificent birds!

Peace and joy

I've had many more moments of peace and even joy, lately. It's from making the decision to go forward with a call to ministry.

I don't know if I'll end up ordained. I know the process is bringing me closer to God, a benefit already realized.

I've been spending more quiet time in meditation, seeking God's wisdom and guidance. That can only be a good thing.

Peace and joy, out for now.


sharecropper said...

St. Pat, I missed you note about the crane and about going forward with your call to ministry. In the Episcopal church, discernment committees and commissions on ministry are more about keeping down the number of postulants than about truly helping a person discern what the call to ministry means for him/her. At least that's what they are in most places.

Whether or not you end up ordained is not the question. The question is what God is calling you to do and be. As you go through this process, remember that you are seeking input, opinion, true discernment, clearness and validation of the ministry you already have.

These committees, commissions, rectors and bishops - then deans and faculty reports - can give you approval, but you and only you can answer the questions about your call. Follow your guiding spirit and know that those of us who have been through the process are praying for you and your ministry.

With much love,

Saint Pat said...

Sharecropper, thank you so much for this insight and your thoughtfulness. I will keep this, and your prayers, clearly in mind as I go through the process.

God bless you.