Monday, January 18, 2010

Weather or not

UPDATE SATURDAY, JAN. 23 — They say, if you don't like the weather in Florida, just wait 10 minutes. It's true. We're having some glorious weather with highs near 80 the past couple of days. Yes, that's the ticket.

Getting ready to go to an outdoor fundraiser food-fest. Catch ya later!

POSTED EARLIER — Here we are into the middle of January!

I went away for Christmas, for the first time in many years. I spent the holiday in North Florida, with Mr. T and his parents. It was a lovely Christmas.

We went to a Christmas Eve service in a little Methodist church. A cold front was moving through, and it poured down rain while we were in the service. Lightning illuminated the stained-glass windows. It made it feel even cozier inside.

Most of the New Year has been devoted to fighting the cold - we had almost two weeks straight of freezing nights. Now, lest you Yankees laugh at the idea of a panic over a low 27 degrees, we're just not meant for it here. It kills the valuable ferns and citrus trees.

I'm on a well and have to worry about the water pipes freezing up. Some of the pipes run aboveground to the water softener. I was out at midnight turning the hose to dribble mode to keep the pipes open. Sigh.

We're just not used to freezes. But I repeat myself.


David G. said...

Nor am I used to being under the house repairing the duct work so the heat pump doesn't run continuously. As if last months power bill wasn't bad enough...Oye!!

Saint Pat said...

Oye! indeed. My last bill was double that of the previous month.


Padre Mickey said...

HEY LADY!!! Are you still alive? You haven't posted in AGES!!!
Yer Central American Fan,
Padre Mickey

Padre Mickey said...

Hi St. Pat. I hope you're just busy and that's why you haven't posted in half a year.
Padre Mickey