Friday, November 26, 2010

My amazing life, Part Deux

Here's what's been going on with me: The story of my amazing life, part two.

I put in my application to pursue a vocation as priest last fall, if you will remember. The bishop called me in for an interview, and didn't give me much hope. He said he was "alarmed" by someone of my age pursuing a vocation. Even if I were to get approved and go to seminary, I'd graduate much in debt and with no job for me in this diocese.

After hearing the stories of the process and the grilling by the commission on ministry to weed out anyone who might be considered even slightly liberal, and a look at the names of committee members, I didn't feel there was any hope - even if the bishop gave his ok to pursue the application.

At the same time, Mr. T. and I were moving toward marriage. He certainly wouldn't want to relocate to North Dakota or someplace up north where they might take as a priest a middle-aged old woman suspected of being friendly to gays. Mr. T is a lawyer, and has established his practice here. I wouldn't ask him to move cross-country and get licensed there, when he is very happy right here.

So, I dropped out of the process.

In September, he formally posed the question, and I accepted. We'll get hitched in March!

Announcing our engagement on the courthouse steps

I'm so greatly blessed. Who'd have thought I'd find someone to love and love me back? Someone I can trust and depend on, too. But I did.

Next revelation

I'm going to (gulp) leave the Episcopal Church. Mr. T goes to the local Presbyterian Church. Instead of driving across the county, I'm going to transfer to the Presby church in January.

It will be nice going to a church close to home and work, where I can be there in five or 10 minutes. I've been driving cross-county for going on eight years — 45 minutes each way just to attend a half-hour meeting. I've grown tired of the journey, and tired of going to church alone. That's the last place I have been going alone, because Mr. T and I go everywhere together.

I suppose the fact that I've been going so far attend an Episcopal Church, when there are three in my area I don't want to attend, says I don't really belong in this diocese.

Still, I will miss my church home, and the many wonderful people there who surrounded me with love and support when my brother, then my mother, died. And where the vestry gave 100 percent support to my application for the process.

But, I've been to the Presbyterian church with Mr. T a few times, and it is a lovely church. I think I will like it there.

So here I am now, at the home of Mr. T's parents in North Florida, having the best Thanksgiving of my adult life. They and the whole family have welcomed me with open arms, and they're great people. They love parties, too.

That's what we did for Thanksgiving yesterday — went over the line into Alabama, to the farm of some old family friends. About 30 people were there, for a big covered-dish dinner, walking the farm, porch-sitting, feeding the chickens, guitar-playing and just enjoying.

Mr. T's family is big and social. I like that.

Today, we're just hanging around the house. A cold font is coming through, and it feels like Thanksgiving weather.

Thank you, Lord. You have been so good to me.


Rogue Saint said...

Seeing your posts, God is with you. You are obviously in a time of transition. All will be well, just hold fast. I love your blog.

eileen said...

Congrats on the big news! As for leaving TEC where you are, I can't blame you. If it were like that here, I'd be joining you - I just happen to live in a liberal area of the church, and so, lucked out that way. The way I see it, you are leaving a denomination - not leaving Christianity - why what you are doing is something like moving across county lines or some such.

I couldn't be happier for your news Pat! Big hugs and much love!

Padre Mickey said...

¡Felicidades, Pat! I'm happy to read so much good news after nothing for so long.

Saint Pat said...

Thank you! You are the best, people.

PseudoPiskie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I had sort of given up on you. Now this wonderful news! Hallelujah. The Presbys are ok - I was bred, born, baptized and confirmed there. But I'd miss the liturgy. And it looks like the collar wasn't what Godde has in mind for you. Hugs.

Saint Pat said...

Thanks, PseudoP. The Presbys seem great — I'm confident I'm going to like this church. I do worry about needing a dose of liturgy now and then. I may visit a liturgical church periodically. We'll see. I don't think God's done with me. It may never come to a collar (gee, I don't mind that), but I'll be alert to those nudges.

I do believe God is working to the best.

Anonymous said...

You've substituted Gold Medal for Pillsbury; they'll both make White Bread.
Big deal.
"Spirituality"="I have too much time on my hands and I think this invisible friends stuff is real".
No wonder Mainline Protestantism is dying.

Saint Pat said...

Yipes, Nixon. I'm sorry you have such a bad time with faith. It certainly isn't a case of "too much time on my hands."

May God be with you.