Friday, April 02, 2004

Mystical longing for love

Demi at Pilgrim's Progress has a posting about Sufi mystic Rumi ( posted 04-01-04). I've been seeing the name but had never read any of Rumi's writings. It knocked my socks off. Longing for love, longing for the divine, for God's whole, Holy love.

His writing resonates with some of my own longings. I wrote this last year:

Lover of Souls

Oh Lover of Souls, I long for You.
Lord of All, I belong to You.
Secure me in Your embrace, Spirit to spirit,
So close that when You whisper, my heart will hear it.
Holy, Powerful God of the universe, it is You that I seek,
Whose love's expressed as gently as a breath upon my cheek.

But go on over to Pilgrim's Progress and read Rumi. He's much better. Be sure and read the one about how Jesus raised the dead.

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