Monday, April 12, 2004

The Spiritual Abuse Dictionary

Are you a victim of spiritual abuse? Here's an interesting site that gives you words and terms often used in spiritually abusive situations, called
What Language Does Your Church Speak?.

There are a number of painfully funny definitions to which I can relate, apostate that I am! If you think you've been a victim of spiritual abuse, which is abuse of authority in a church or spiritual setting to control or manipulate its members, check it out.

I have an addition for their dictionary: "Baby Christian," which relates to "Unteachable." Used as a put-down toward someone who asks questions the powers-that-be don't like, so not being a cradle Episcopalian is used against her: "Oh, she's just a Baby Christian."

Of course, the utterer of that phrase doesn't stop to take into account that the Apostles were all "Baby Christians" who only had a few years experience of Christ before they started their own ministries.

But then, I'm an unteachable, divisive, apostate. What do you expect from a Baby Christian? (Just baptized four years ago, but who's counting?)

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