Thursday, May 13, 2004

More folly and evil
more awful revelations to come

I saw Pfc. Lynndie England in a TV interview this morning. Predictably, she tried to use the spin that what the American guards at Abu Ghraib did was not so bad -- just following orders. Besides, it was nothing compared to what the Iraqis did to some of the Americans -- dragging their burned bodies through the streets.

Pfc. England conveniently neglected to mention that the American abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib happened first, negating the Iraqi action, while also awful, as any sort of excuse. And even more importantly, our conduct as honorable people should not be dependent on what our oppositions does; otherwise, we become the enemy.

In world events, the worst of what do becomes who we are in the eyes of many. The kindnesses performed by so many American soldiers over there, soldiers who are disgusted and disheartened by the actions in Abu Ghraib, will be overshadowed by the inhumanity portrayed in these sickening photos.

And regarding the torture/mistreatment of captives: Do we really want to use the fascist self-justification that the ends justify the means?

Now word is getting out that there are photos of Iraqi women being raped by American guards in Abu Ghraib's cell block. This is a fate as bad or worse than death to a Muslim woman. It is considered a stain on a family's honor when a woman has sexual contact with a man not her husband, whether willing or not. Rape victims are sometimes made to disappear to protect the family's honor.

The Iraqi people can only think they've exchanged one set of abusive overlords (Saddam Hussein and company) for another (the United States) in Abu Ghraib, and in Iraq.

Satan remains at work in Iraq, playing on the folly/stupidity/cruelty of some of these guards and others like them, on the confused chain of command with "contractors" involved in military intelligence, and the plain evil of a war in which we should have never engaged.

Do you think the devil's not working on the Iraqis and their neighbors, as well? What more evil will we see come out of this war?

Satan is smiling and God is weeping.

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