Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Red Alert, Red Alert!

It's looking like the imminent threat of terrorism Tom Ridge told us about Sunday is based mostly on information several years old, confirming some of my nastier thoughts, that this administration is shamelessly willing to use the threat of terrorism it has helped intensify to its own political/reelection ends.

Of course institutions like the IMF and the World Bank are prime targets. Large financial institutions have always been prime Al Qaeda targets. It comes as no surprise that terrorists have been gathering information on them. These potential targets should already have tight security measures in place.

That's not quite the same as making it sound like this is some hot news, just obtained this weekend. Now are we supposed to huddle around the fire and depend on our fearless prez to protect us? This puts Wag the Dog to shame for heartless manipulation.

Everyone who's watched the war in Iraq unfold knows that we're at more danger of terrorism than ever. Just because our major news media have dropped Abu Ghraib and Fallujah, don't think they've been forgotten in the Middle East -- or how this whole war has influenced views of the United States.

I'm sure the names of "National Security" and "the Patriot Act" will be invoked when they help Dubya obtain his political ends.

We are at a heightened threat of terrorism, that's for sure. Would there be a threat anyway? Yes, but it's much worse now, thanks to the prez and co. I won't forget this.

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