Thursday, August 12, 2004

A week of kittens, killings and killer storms

Jack the kitten is careening around the house like a miniature dervish, visible to the eye only as streak of charcoal and cream. He's obviously feeling good. His injured eye may have to be removed; it looks unhealthy inside. The vet will make that call. In the meantime, it isn't bothering Jack at all.

I've been working long days covering a murder story. It's the kind that reminds me of how ugly and evil human beings can be, yet I also have seen compassion and God's love working in people.

I don't think my long week will be over for a few days -- now, two hurricanes are barreling down on Florida. I don't expect much from Bonnie today, but my area may see some nasty weather from Charlie, who will be coming through tomorrow afternoon or night. So I'm filling up water jugs. Kind of like the woman at the well in our readings over at Gospel Guy's site, except my well is electric and if the power goes out, I have no water. The power usually does goes out when we get these big storm, so I'm filling up those jugs now! I also need to run to the store and pick up some non-perishable goodies and dog food.

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