Sunday, October 10, 2004


Having drawn my line in the sand, let me say I'll fight tooth and nail to hang on to my parish. It has been a gift of God to me, a place where I have felt at home, a place where I have felt valued for myself alone and for whatever gifts and talents I bring.

I love these people, even those of differing opinions, who would vote us into the AAC. I don't know how the future of this diocese and my parish will play out. I'm praying that sanity will prevail, at least at the parish level. I have a hard time imagining many people wanting to go into some alternate "communion" or province, but then, before all this happened, I couldn't imagine us being voted into the AAC. But vote us in they did at the last diocesan convention, with a lot of sneakiness aforethought. So who knows.

I could end up being part of a faithful remnant.


I couldn't get terribly excited over the last presidential debate. It was mostly rehashing of the same old stuff. Is it my imagination, or does Bush have a set of memorized answers, featuring such stock phrases as "steadfast resolve" etc. etc. etc.

Even if we did go into Iraq for all the wrong reasons, it was still the right thing to do, sez Bush. Even though our own experts say Saddam had ditched Iraq's WMDs to comply with UN demands. When we invaded, he didn't have the capability to do squat, basically. How ironic.

Not that I'm a defender of Saddam Hussein in the slightest. It's just that even when I thought he might actually have WMDs, I thought sending in troops was the stupidest way to handle the situation. Can't we think/act smart instead of bogging our troops down in a ground war and killing thousands and thousands of people, ours, others' and Iraq's? What's all this "intelligence" for if it can't come up with a better plan?

I guess Bush's supporters will think he did great in Friday's debate, while I thought he looked like a Banty rooster, strutting and posturing on the stage. The hollow man. Kerry does seem much more presidential to me.

Edwards emerged from the vice-presidential debate as a certified political heavyweight, in my opinion. He held his own, toe-to-toe with Cheney, who acted like a snarly old grizzly, expecting to knock Edwards down easily. Didn't happen.

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