Friday, March 31, 2006

Fisherman Jon

There is nothing my boarder, Jon, likes better than fishing. He'll head for the intercoastal waterways and estuaries to fish, crab and sometimes shrimp, at the crack of dawn.

I've been the recipient of his fishing bounty on a number of occasions. Now that he's renting a room here, I'm benefiting even more from his fishing trips.
Jon (he's in the black t-shirt, and his mom, Sande, and his brother, David, are pictured with him) grilled the drum fish he's holding in this photo, and served it to me and his friend, Joel, a few nights ago. He's brought in a variety of local fish.

In the fall, he brought me blue crab.

I went crabbing with him a couple of times. I used the old-fashioned technique -- luring crabs by dangling a tempting piece of chicken in the water, then scooping up with a net unwary crabs that came to devour the chicken -- thereby proving I am smarter than some crustaceans. Jon, more professional about it, used crab traps.

My dog, Betsy, is a fisherman's dog. She waited anxiously as Jon prepared, seasoned and grilled the drum, and Jon gave her a portion, too.

Eating this delicious fish made me think of the biblical accounts of the Galilean fishermen grilling and eating their catch. They didn't have aluminum foil or prepared seasonings, but in all, the experience is close, and the fish was shared in fellowship.

I must say, Jon made a better haul than this modern-Galilean fisherman.

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