Thursday, April 06, 2006

Now I remember

During the dog days of August, I sometimes wonder what on earth made me move to Central Florida.

The weather this time of year makes me remember why.

It's glorious. You can walk out the door in the mornings to cool, fresh air. The sky is so translucently blue you can see through the layers of atmosphere all the way to the rim of space.

As Cat Stevens sang,
"Morning has broken, like the first morning,
Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird...

I snapped this shot of trees and skies next to the church Sunday morning. There was even a blackbird, (ok, maybe it was a crow) but I wasn't fast enough to capture it on film.

We've been having the kind of days that make you feel good all over -- highs in the low- to mid-80s, lows in the mid-60s -- without a cloud in the sky. A soft breeze keeps the afternoons from feeling hot.

This little pond is near my house.

The down side is, it's been too dry. Hard to believe, but we're at a higher risk for fires than we were in 1998, when Central Florida went up in smoke. It's supposed to rain this weekend (thank you, Lord, and please keep the fires away).

In the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy these days. August will come soon enough. It will be swelteringly hot, muggy, buggy, and the height of hurricane season. A layer of heat haze will obscure the sky. Again, I'll wonder what on earth made me move to Central Florida.


doubleknot said...

I also live in Central Florida and dread these dry days. If I even think I smell a whiff of smoke I go looking outside.
Was blog surfing and was plesantly surprised to find your.

Saint Pat said...

Hi, doubleknot. It's good to hear from a sister Floridian.

We didn't get our promised rain today. (sigh)

Pisco Sours said...

"To be a Virginian either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side, is an Introduction to any State in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above."

I'm sorry, but I'm a lifelong Virginian and I feel about Virginia the same way your more obnoxious Texans feel about Texas. Although I could do without the winters.

Saint Pat said...

Hey, Pisco. I a former Virginian. I liked living in that commonwealth, except for the winters in the mountains. January and February could be just too cold.

Saint Pat said...

p.s. -- and "even on one's Mother's side."

I'm Not Emeril said...

Just always remind those "more obnoxious Texans" that Texas was founded by Virginians...

Just be sure to grin when you say it.