Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Moments of calling

Do you ever have visions? I've been having one off an on for the past couple of years. It involves mission work and the call to ministry.

I don't know where or how this will be. The image in my head is of being in a dusty place, full of children running among chickens. There is poverty and sickness. It could be in any third-world country, or it could be up the road, in a migrant-labor camp. I don't know. The picture is probably influenced by cultural ideas of mission work.

Last year's mission trip to Honduras confirmed the calling, though it was not the sort of mission I see. It was more of a visit than a mission. What I see is more permanent, ministering to the needs of a particular community. The thought keeps popping into my mind it would be good to take a paramedic course.

I don't know how any of this would be fulfilled, but I think the Holy Spirit is moving in this. After giving me a break to recover this past year, He's back into it. I saw that vision strongly during an Ascension Day service. I don't know if this will involve any kind of ordination. That seems so unlikely in this diocese, where I'm too old, too female, too liberal.

Saturday evening, I sat reflecting on an Alpha retreat I was involved in at my church -- leading the little group through a guided-image meditation, then praying with people who wanted, or wanted more, the Holy Spirit in their lives. As I sat reviewing, and thanking the Holy Spirit, He was there. It was an electric experience from my head to toe. I could feel the electricity moving through me and off me.

Wow! Hallelujah!

The Spirit reminded me He's here for me too, in the same way I prayed for the Spirit to be with the Alpha participants. He is a very present help. He will guide me through it, whatever form this calling takes.

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Mike L said...


I am willing to bet that God has a very good use for someone too old, too female, and too liberal. Don't know what it is, but will pray that you find it.


Mike L