Thursday, June 08, 2006

Politicat speaks

'Just cough them up like a hairball'

I've heard entirely too much of this moaning and caterwauling about how the Episcopal Church has chosen to walk alone. It certainly did not. It just made everyone welcome to walk with it.

Those who don't like others who are walking with us are entirely free to leave, of course -- if they choose not to walk with us. But don't blame it on us.

Besides, the catfight isn't really over who's walking with whom. It's over who gets to choose the marching tune, and what that marching tune will be. Those making all the noise want enough people to leave with them -- enough people to buy them pretty pope and bishop robes and support them well enough, while the call the tune.

Otherwise, they'd be gone already. There's plenty of fundamentalist churches out there who like lthe same kind of tunes. Some of their tunes are even more strident.

So, I'll be glad for General Convention to get going next week. Then, the tune-callers will have to put up or shut up.

My guess is they'll have to shut up (or at least quit squalling so loudly). They're not going to find enough people to go with them, try as they might. Why, even here in our ultra-fundie Diocese of Central Florida, only a few congregations left after the "Horror of Robinson."

The schismatics make a bunch of noise about how the schism is going to hit the church and how the schism will play out, and what the schismatics are gonna do, and what the church is gonna do, and what the ABC said, what he really meant, then, why the Global South is the true heir to Anglicanism, now that the ABC hasn't joined their quickstep, ad nauseum.

Talk is cheap. I'd rather have tuna.

I wouldn't mind if the church just coughed them up like a hairball and got rid of them. But I'm only a cat, after all. I'll leave praying for peace, unity and understanding to the UnSaintly One.

I enjoy a good hissy fit once in a while. RAWWWWRRRRR hssssttttt.


-- Politicat

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