Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's truly, truly awful

Just in time for Christmas -- the mayhem and chaos of Christmas toys past, recalled. It's truly, truly awful. Heed this warning if you choose to visit.

The descriptions of these recalled toys and the damage they've inflicted are so funny, you'll find yourself guiltily laughing at them. You'll have to says prayers of repentance. Perhaps even go to confession.

Feeling truly unsaintly,


Caminante said...

I confess before the BVM and all the saints of heaven that I actually had one of those thing makers and spent hours making goop things in the cellar.

Saint Pat said...

Caminante, thanks for your comment. I never had the goop maker. My family was partial to all the darts, especially the sharp, metal-tipped ones.

I really like your blog!

Caminante said...

Thanks much. I enjoy doing it. I certainly have an endless supply of cat photos to keep putting in!