Monday, December 04, 2006

A smashing idea

I just had a terrific idea: Bishop Katharine can appoint MadPriest of "Of Course, I Could Be Wrong" fame to the post of Primatial Vicar, in charge of alternative oversight.

He's Anglican, so the Anglican Communion Network can't complain about that. And he's very orthodox. Just read today's entry on Advent versus Christmas music. And he's made noises recently about being in the job market.

Just think of what those Alpo-demanding bishops will be like, after six months of MadPriest messing with their minds!

They'll beg to come back.


Anonymous said...

Great idea! The delightful image forming in my mind is causing severe giggles.


KJ said...

Such a position would distract him from amusing us with his blogging endeavors. No, let's find someone that is a bit more dispensable.

Saint Pat said...

KJ, I'm afraid you're right. As much fun as the games would be to watch, we need the Mad one to continue posting his blogs.

Oh, I'm sure he can find time for both, though. He seems a little, well, hyper, anyway.