Sunday, April 15, 2007

A day at home

I got up, showered, fixed my hair and makeup, and got dressed and ready for church. Then I didn't go.

I got worried about the weather. The frontal system that's played havoc with so much of the country is passing through Florida today. The bad weather was forecast to move through in the early-morning hours, and a bit to the north of us, but it moved slower and farther south than predicted. The weather people were talking ground winds of 40-60 m.p.h., heavy storms and tornadoes.

Not wanting to be caught on the highway in such weather, and especially, knowing I'd just worry about my animals (my babies) while I was gone, I kicked my shoes off and stayed home.

Luckily, or as an answer to prayer, we escaped the nasty stuff that went to the north and south of us. It turned really dark for a while, and rained hard. We had some strong gusts, but no sustained high winds. According the weather radar, the squall line has passed us now, and the tornado watch is off for my county, but the cold front is still approaching, and high winds and thunderstorms are forecast all afternoons.

A few years ago, I wouldn't have worried about it too much. I'd have headed for church. With hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes and more tornadoes ripping up the landscape around here in recent history, I've become a little gun-shy.

I've had a nice day at home, listening to music and catching up on the blogosphere.

Now the lights keeping dimming a bit, so I'm posting this before I lose it, then I'll add some more.


Wow, some strong winds.

Anyway, it turned cold in time for Easter, last Sunday (See related story at Fashion Fizz), but I refused to turn on the heat, because it was supposed to warm up again after a couple of days. It surely did, but I refused to turn on the A/C until Friday. Now, it's supposed to go down into the 40s tonight, after this front comes through.

Aaaiiieeee! I'm convinced it's global warming messing with the jet stream and weather patterns.


PseudoPiskie said...

Several weeks ago, I was trying to follow directions to pick up a lady I'd never met in Deland. She's dyslexic and made a slight mistake which was easy to remedy once I figured it out.

Meanwhile I thought she lived in a nice neighborhood but all the stores and the shopping center looked abandoned, run down and poverty stricken. When I picked her up she told me that was the damage from the February tornado. It missed her senior housing complex by 500 feet.

I understand why you stayed home.

Saint Pat said...

I know the area you're talking about. Recovery is still underway from the February tornado.