Saturday, April 14, 2007

I've been tagged
It's Six Weird Things

Padre Mickey and his Dance Party Posse tagged me, and Hedwyg, too. (Sounds like they went on safari and tagged the elusive, wild Saint Pat with a tracking device.)

Anyway, that's what I get for having a wild week at work and no time to blog. I've been knee-deep in alligators and municipal scandals (with politicians hurtling accusations against other politicians and accusing them of playing politics -- imagine that!)

Six Weird Things Meme

According to the rules I must:
1. Reveal six weird things about yourself on your blog, and
2. Tag six people to do the same.

Where to begin, where to begin.


1. I have a subsidiary blog (the also neglected Fashion Fizz) at which I refer to myself in the third person and pretend I know anything about fashion.

2. I make coffee nude in the morning. Also frequently do housework nude. (Frequently as in "When I do it, I do it nude" -- not that I frequently do housework.)

3. I recently memorized the lyrics to "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina," for no particular reason -- just kept playing the Joan Baez version over and over again, while I worked on the computer.

4. I talk to my dog and cats, and answer for them. Well, I could be talking to and answering myself = truly nutty. Oh, wait, I do that, too.

5. I usually sleep with the TV on. I got in that habit when I was traveling a lot for a job. It blocked out noise from motel ice-machines, elevators, loud guests, etc. I got hooked on watching late-night TV when I'd crawl in. I tried using a timer to turn off the tube, but the sound of the TV clicking off would wake me up. If I need to sleep somewhere without access to Jay Leno/Dave Letterman/Conan O'Brien and the others, I sleep just fine, however. YES!!! It's true -- I sleep with a bunch of men!

6. My reading of Scripture is orthodox. I believe in miracles, the Resurrection, spiritual gifts, the whole nine yards. I get into trouble with the "orthodox" by actually applying what Jesus said to life, instead of applying what the "orthodox" position is on what Jesus said. That's my considered opinion.

Now, I tag the wise but youthful Ann, blogosphere venerable hunk and attempted defender of the Communion, Brother Causticus, co-equal hunk o' the blogosphere, Father Jake, and his lovely wife Demi, the ever-lovely Catherine, the pressed-for-time-but-we're-not-gonna-let-you-take-a-blog-break Lisa, and the effervescent Sharecropper.

I'm waiting.


Ann said...

Thanks for the tag - but Eileen got to me first. I sent it out to many friends - now I know they are as weird as I am.

Saint Pat said...

Humph. (Arms crossed, toe tapping.) Well, fine, then.

Saint Pat said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I did see that, Ann.

Catherine + said...

I think St Pat just made my day...she called me the ever-lovely Catherine! WAaaahhh! Good boo-hoo! I needed that...really. I'll get right on it as I wait to take my dog to the vet.

Catherine + said...

Ok, I'm back, St Pat. Go visit me and see my weirdness...sheesh...and who else I have tagged and notified.



Share Cropper said...

Okay, I'll play. And, where did you get "effervescent" - are these just taglines to con us into participating. Check my blog and I'll post in a short bit.

Saint Pat said...

You're effervescent, Share Cropper, a bubble who rises through everything to the top.

JCF said...

You're going to be sorry you tagged me, St.P! [Lots o' "TMI alert!" below]

I don't have a blog anymore, so here's my list, on yours...

1. I have long loved dogs, and in my adulthood have become very fond of cats, as well (though due to various circumstances, I own--- scratch, "am guardian to" neither). However, only in the last couple of years, have I found myself constantly composing little childish songs about canines and felines. I mean, constantly! (Whereas I used to talk to myself, now I sing to myself)

2. I love the feel of my beard. Now, this might not be uncommon for biological males, but for a bio-female, living as a (publicly) ID'd female, I have to be careful that my facial friend stays concealed (i.e., shaved).

3. I am aware of how "intense" and how (IRL, audibly) LOUD am I am. For the most part, I am kewl w/ this . . . but sometimes (especially, for example, having just been fired---though I don't think that played any part, truthfully) I wonder how much it costs me. :-/

4. I have real feelings for certain inanimate objects (like my 20 year-old car). At the same time, I sometimes feel as if even my FAVORITE people have a "balance sheet" attached---like I wonder if they annoy/aggravate/bore me, more than their asset side pleases me? (Needless to say, I'm an introvert!)

5. I don't read books nearly as much as I collect them (fix them, catalog them). I have an almost fetishized attitude towards the artifact that is "the book" . . . but actually pulling one of the shelf, and reading it? Not so much!

6. A day without Xena, Warrior Princess is like a day without sunshine. As far as metanarratives go, there's the Gospel, and then there's Xena (but in my heart, not necessarily in that order!)

Thus concludes the JCF weirdness...

Saint Pat said...

Not so weird, JCF, if that's any comfort from someone calling herself "saint."

I kinda liked Xena, too (she seems to be popular with lots of people), and I help my pets write blog entries. My cat Jack the Brat has been after me to help him write his story of love lost.

Eileen said...

I love how weird we all are.

Episcopalians are wonderfully weird!

Jake said...

Your wish is my command, Pat:

Lisa said...

Tag noted and invitation accepted, Pat. But I honest-to-God do not have a free moment to blog or respond until sometime after Tuesday. I will deal with it after that. The challenge, of course, is going to be winnowing mine down to merely six weird things. The candidates are legion . . . .

I'm enjoying reading your-all's revelations here. I'm proud to be a member of such a motley crew.

Lisa said...

Pat, I warned you it would be a while before I could respond. But I finally have some leisure and I have now accepted your challenge.