Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Just a thought: Be all God meant you to be

I've been thinking about those 21 priests Bishop Lee of Virginia released from ordination. Poor guys, what will they do now?

I had a Google-search inspired vision: They can join the Progressive Universal Life Church (PULC).

The PULChritudinous Web site promises,

We want to help you reach your full potential in life. We want to help you become all that God meant you to be! The PULC offers ordination, degree & diploma programs to help you in your spiritual journey. Order our ministerial certificate now and become a legally ordained minister with the right to use the title "Reverend".
The Progressive Universal Life Church welcomes all individuals, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background. Our members are from all religious faiths and All Parts of the World. We Pray You Will Join Us! God Bless You!

Bring your concerns to PULC and leave with the confidence
that God will see to your every need.

Why a Doctoral Degree from PULC?

Religion, Theology, Divinity,
Counseling, Metaphysics,
Hypnotherapy, Parapsychology,
Holistic, Healing, Wellness,
New Age, Motivation & More!

And the church promises there's pretty good money in it.

Become an ordained minister and enjoy a new outlook on life! As a P.U.L.C. Minister (with the legal right to use the title "Reverend") you will be free to preach and teach according to the dictates of your heart.
OF THE MINISTRY including marriages, baptisms, funerals, services, etc. As a point of passing, thousands of Ministers
have become enormously wealthy performing simple religious ceremonies.

(Note: For a serious discussion of the matter, read Mark Harris' PRELUDIUM: Deposition and Recognition: A wee shell game..)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's funny. Mail order ordination for all!

Betty in Central Fla.