Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some interesting information

One thing I did hear this past week was some third-hand talk, that Bishop Howe told someone 17 parishes in Central Florida want to leave the Episcopal Church. That's out of 88 or 89 parishes in the diocese -- hardly an overwhelming majority.

If true, and I would guess it is, that's only around 20 percent of parishes who have run out or silenced the moderates and progressives, and set up shop with the Network/AAC. Forgive me if I sound a little pissed -- but that's what happens.

Most parishes are a mixed bag of conservatives, moderates and progressives, most of whom don't want to leave the Episcopal church.

If you want to listen to the diocesan board try to overrule the bishop, break the constitution and canons, still find a way to take the property, and convince themselves 80 percent of the people in the diocese are with them, go to the AAC-Central Florida Chapter Web site and listen to the June 21 meeting.

One member put it forward that the diocese should consider itself a member of the the holy catholic church, not the Episcopal Church.

You'll hear people saying things like, "I just think we're being held hostage to the constitution and canons of a church that's walked away from everything I've been taught," with "priests who are Muslims," etc., etc.

"Not in this diocese," Bishop Howe said.

"I can't stay under this presiding bishop and what she teaches," the woman continued.

"You're free to go," Bishop Howe replied.

"I may have to," she demurred.

They're planning for a split in the Communion, if the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't go in their direction, with a task force in place that will make preliminary recommendations Nov. 1, for consideration at the Nov.15 meeting. The bishop said he'd like to appoint the members from the diocesan board and standing committee, and they must consult with the chancellors.

Don Curran made a motion for a special convention mid-November, citing the Sept. 30 deadline of the Dar Es Salaam communique and TEC's anticipated rejection of it. "If there's a need for a constitutional change," he said.

Any proposed amendments require a 60-day notice before the regular January convention Jan. 25-26.

They also moved for a special convention in mid-March, presumably to withdraw from the Episcopal Church -- just in case.

The recording of the May 24 joint board-diocesan committee meeting, of which I transcribed parts earlier, is also on the Web site.

I haven't heard anything else of interest. It's been quiet, at least on the surface.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Pat, it's quiet in the Diocese of Louisiana, too. Too quiet. I wish that I knew what the Windsor bishops were about.

Whatever is going on here is behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

The link you give to the the AAC C. Fl. chapter website doesn't work.