Monday, September 03, 2007

A visitor to my back yard

Good God almighty. I walked into my back yard this morning to find this critter sitting in her web, hanging from a tree.

I'm not usually nervous around spiders, but when they're big and tough looking, and displaying colors and patterns (often associated with poisonous creatures), I get a bit nervous. I took this photo of the arachnid and used it to compare to some online spider id information, and it's apparently a female orb spinner -- not poisonous. They enjoy crunching on grass hoppers and other insects.

This spider's body is a good inch long, and from leg-tip to leg-tip, probably three inches or so.

If anybody who better knows spiders recognizes it as something different, let me know. I'll leave it in peace in the meantime. There are lots of spiders in Florida, but only a few are poisonous.

I had a little house spider living in my bathroom cupboard for a good while. He found a little space between the cabinet and the wall, and would emerge from it now and then, to peek at me. I started to kill him when I first saw him, but he seemed like, well, such a friendly little spider, I figured we could co-exist, and he could feast on any ants or gnats or other pesty insects that found their way in.

Jack the Brat cat became aware of him. I'm not sure if Jack got him (probably) or if he died of natural causes, but I found his little spider corpse curled up on the bathroom floor last week. I said a few words over him as I picked him up with a piece of tissue paper.

All these little creatures have their place in the world.

Except fleas, ticks and roaches. And leeches. They're evil perversions of nature.


sharecropper said...

We have two of them. And, they're writing spiders, like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web. Huge critters, aren't they?

Charlotte said...

The first time I saw one I stood stock still in amazement at the wonder of the creature.

Are you taking prayers for kitties, Saint Pat? I've got six, and since the drywall is currently being replaced in my kitchen area, five of the little dears have discovered a route up to the attic. I was able to get four down over the weekend, but one -- the one who was brain-damaged at birth and has always been rather nervous and strange -- is still up there. (And alive -- at least something ate the tuna fish I left up there last night.)

Saint Pat said...

Ah, of course I take prayers for little kitties! And add prayers for them!

Dear Lord, we ask you to look after one of the smallest and weakest of your cretures - the little kitten who's lost in Charlotte's attic. We ask you to guide this little cat to safety through the dark places. Help this kitten hear and heed Charlotte's voice. Keep your calming hand on this little creature through it all.

We know that as you sit at the throne at the right hand of the Father in heaven, a little cat sits at your feet.

Thank you that you love these animals we love, and love us, too, Dear Lord.

In your name,


Saint Pat said...

creatures. sorry, typo

Charlotte said...

Thank you so much, St. Pat.

Charlotte said...

Pat, thanks for your prayers. I did see him last night, so he's alive (thanksgivings!), and he's got food and water. Poor confused panicky kitty, he might find a way down yet.

Saint Pat said...

I'm keeping that baby in my prayers, Charlotte!