Thursday, March 06, 2008

Betsy's spring do

February means springtime in Florida, and the advent of shedding.

Betsy, a border collie/Australian Shepherd mix, has copious amounts of long fur with a wiry undercoat. She sheds in chunks, with the undercoat curling up, catching loose fur and snarling like crazy. Betsy hates to be combed or brushed. It pulls, and she has even more sensitive skin than me.

So, for the past few years, I've been giving her haircuts through the shedding months - February through November.

Here's her new do. You can't see it too well, because Betsy is camera shy and skulks off when she sees the camera. She doesn't mind me giving her a haircut too much, though. Then I can brush her remaining fur with a soft brush. I left the "feathers" on her legs and her fluffy tail long, but cut the rest of her fur short.

Betsy flees the paparazzi:

Jack and Elvis are much less camera shy:


Lindy said...

Betsy looks like a good dog. She has a pretty face.

Take her picture more often and she'll get used to it. Rowan actually poses for me now.

Mary Clara said...

Well, that sure is a fine dog, and very fancy in her new 'do. Glad you got her to sit still just long enough for one foto.

Very arty shots of Elvis and Jack!

PS I loved your answers to the heterosexual quiz at Padre Mickey's!

Saint Pat said...


I liked your answers, too, mary clara.