Thursday, March 13, 2008

What I like about Florida

The days now are sunny and clear - warm, but not too warm. Perfect.

I took this photo on another such day, back in December, at Blue Spring. I barely managed to catch the image of this gorgeous great blue heron sweeping over the water before it was gone.


PseudoPiskie said...

Sunny and warmish here in NWPA too. Many people were going about without coats in the wonderful 50°. Even started melting the ice and snow. lol

Lindy said...

Great shot Saint Pat!

Charlotte said...

Beautiful! Pat, I love this weather, too, and I even love my sleepy little town in the Florida green-up time.

I finished putting in my lily bed today. It was a big overgrown bed on the east side of the house I'm restoring -- much of a mess, but there was an orange-red crinum lily that was thriving there. As I dug around I found others -- about a dozen others trying to grow in various odd spots. I transplanted them to that bed, and transplanted a couple of other bulbs I'm still trying to identify. Then I moved the two struggling Easter lilies from two years earlier to that spot.

Today I put in a new, flourishing Easter lily, and some yellow-orange Asian hybrid lilies for the sunny spots, and three white African iris, and a couple of delicate purple cannas under the drip line of the eaves. Everybody's got bone meal and organic fertilizer and mulch now, and a good watering.

So now we wait to see who blooms, and transplant anyone who still hasn't found the right spot.

Actually I still want a peace lily for the shadiest spot, so maybe I'm not quite done. I will be happy to take suggestions!

I mean to have a talk with the Saviour, though, about that "lilies of the field" business. The lilies may not have toiled, but I sure did, and my back is feeling it! Well, do you suppose He had Martha to dig His garden?

sharecropper said...

Beautiful, Pat. Must be the season for great blues. We don't have many of them around here, but one flew around the creek turning basin last week and then directly over my house while I was standing outside watching. What joy!