Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A cause for good cheer

If your spirits need a lift during this time of contention, accusation and separation, watch this.

If we were Roman Catholic, I'd be talking about canonizing Desmond Tutu.

Watch the tape. You'll see Christ shining out of his eyes, and through his being.

Happy Independence Day to everyone, everywhere. Remember we were created as children of God, with the right to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Want to see a real firecracker? I got to see the Space Shuttle Discovery streak across the Central Florida skies this afternoon.

Cheers! And God, please give them a safe mission.


Talitha Koum said...

Hey! I'm in Winter Park and didn't see THIS! Where was this taken??

Saint Pat said...

in Volusia County!

Caelius said...

Well, canonizing Desmond Tutu would be interesting, since he's a retired Anglican archbishop. He worships at my parish when he's in my neck of the woods. But I'm all in favor of putting him on the kalendar when he rests from his labors.

Saint Pat said...

What the heck, Caelius. We Episcopalians are credited with being innovators. We can petition the Vatican to start the beatification (is that the proper word?) process for a retired Anglican bishop. In due time.

: )

Caelius said...

[Laughs hysterically, face nearly breaks keyboard.]