Friday, July 28, 2006

Pirates of the Anglican Communion:
Dead Man's Province, Part Deux

Sparrow and the band of hundreds of clerics and determined lay people amass on the journey to the border of Province X. Though it is only early afternoon, darkness and uneasiness descend swiftly upon them.

The band of the Three-Legged Stool traveled across featureless plains all day. Vehicles began to act erratically around noontime. Some trucks stalled, and refused to start again, and those vehicles were abandoned, of necessity.

Sparrow is at a loss to explain the deepening darkness. The sun should be bright in the sky, yet it looks like a winter's evening.

Sparrow, Schori and Father Jake agree to halt and make camp until MadPriest (Orlando Bloom) returns from a scouting expedition.

The aroma of coffee fills the air as the command team pores over maps, trying to determine exactly where they are in this featureless land, and where the border to Province X lies, for no one knows exactly where the tenth province begins. They speculate about the causes of the enveloping gloom.

Sparrow surreptitiously pulls a flask from his pocket and pours "a little" rum into his coffee. "Arrggghh. I remember a day like this only once before. It was 20 years ago, and we were chasing the ghost ship into deep waters of the Atlantic. There was monstrous evil things out there..." Sparrow stops to finish his cup.

The air is still and silent. There's no trace of life around them — neither the chirp of a single bird nor the yip of a lone coyote.

Suddenly, the air is filled with thundering hooves.It is MadPriest on horseback, and 50 more horses follow, tethered to a line trailing from his saddle.

What happened to MadPriest's Geo Tracker? Where did he find the horses?

Only readers of the next installment will know.


Anonymous said...

Horses and a Geo Tracker? That's great.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Unsaintly Pat, what an imagination! This is wonderful. Did you know that your post was so powerful that it caused blogger comments to crash for a bit? Careful there.

Saint Pat said...

Aw, shucks. (Drags toe of shoe through sand). 'T'weren't nothin'!

My e-mail's trying to crash, too -- maybe I'm more powerful than I realized....

(Thanks, Mimi.)

Pisco Sours said...