Sunday, February 01, 2004

Just passin' through

At the end of January last year I wrote some song lyrics that are in keeping with the malaise that stops for me this time of year (see "February is the coldest month" from from the posting of Jan. 29).

It's acknowledgement of melancholy, along with the determination not to give in to it. I wrote it just before the shuttle disaster. I wrote it the same day one of my brothers was being diagnosed with lymphoma, though I didn't know he was even having a health problem until the next day.

This year, the soldiers serving and dying in Iraq are on my mind. I know so many families being affected by this war. And yesterday, I attended the funeral of my friend's mother.

Pilgrim in a Land of Shadow
Tune: Traditional Folk Hymn ("The Wayfarin' Stranger")
Lyrics: Unsaintly Pat

I'm pilgrimmin' through this land of shadow,
A-passin' through this vale of pain.
But I won't drink from the well of sorrow--
I'll give nothing to the devil's gain.

(chorus -- repeats after each verse)
For my dear Savior's come to claim me,
He'll take me to the promised land.
I know He'll never harm or shame me--
He holds me fast in His right hand.

Nothin' on earth can keep Him from me,
No, neither death nor devil's lies.
These earthly chains shall all drop from me
When He lifts me through the clouds and skies.

All those I love are sheltered by Him,
He keeps them safe--tucked under His wing.
Into His care I do commend them
So I need not fear for anything.

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