Sunday, February 08, 2004

Living in an off-kilter world
balancing by faith

The world seems a little bit strange these days. I've started the process of getting my membership transferred to a new parish, and I feel betwixt and between. I'm not formally a part of the new parish yet; I'm unknown to most of the parishioners there, and I haven't been to my old parish for a couple of weeks -- the only church I've ever joined.

You see, I came to Christ (for want of a better term, which I can't think of at the moment) late in life, and came to this parish as part of that call. It's the only one I've ever known and it's been home to me, sometimes my only safe haven. I still love that parish.

Now it's like I'm going off to college or moving out on my own. It's voluntary, I need the change, but it's unsettling.

Of course, the Big Guy saw this coming, and that's why he got me involved at this new parish a couple of years ago. I joined their healing ministry, took advantage of some inner healing/intensive prayer ministry myself, and found my spiritual director there. I really need her inspired direction. I wouldn't act half-way like a Christian without her keeping me on track.

I think God has prepared a place for me.

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