Friday, February 02, 2007


More tornadoes ripped through Central Florida. The last were in the devastating Christmas Day storms. One tornado woke me during the night -- I heard it go past.

At least 14 people are dead, but search and rescue missions continue, and it's likely more will be found.

I'm going out to get photos, and will report more later.

Update 9:30 p.m.

Hi, everyone. I'm fine. I had a hard time getting around town because of all the power lines down, trees down and police-barricaded streets.

My boss asked me to go to the emergency command center and cover the goings-on there. All the emergency management, search and rescue, and law enforcement operations were run and staged there.

Every honcho in Central Florida showed up, and the governor stopped in for press conference and photo op (which explains why every honcho was out there).

I got a few pics on the way, like this one:

NOTE: Double-click on the photo for a larger, more detailed view. It's amazing.

And I didn't even go into the mobile home communities where the devastation was more complete.


Padre Mickey said...

Stay safe, Pat!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Glad you're OK, Pat.

Share Cropper said...

Saw the pictures on the news - praying for all of you.

Hedwyg said...

Yikes! Prayers for you in Florida...

Ann said...


Eileen said...

Holy SCHNIKEY Pat! I'm glad you are ok, and I'm sending out prayers for all those who have suffered loss from this event - loss of life, of home, of the safe world they were living in just moments before.

Holy and Loving Creator -

Hold all those families in this community within the loving warmth of your embrace. Be a beacon of light to them in this darkness - and surround those involved in rescue efforts and cleanup with your divine strength and wisdom. I ask this through the sacred three - creator, redeemer and sanctifier. Amen.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh, Pat, that is bad.

Amen to Eileen's prayer.

Charlotte said...

Glad to know you're all right, Pat, and praying for those who aren't.

Down here in Sebring, we dodged the bullet -- this time.

Saint Pat said...

Thanks for your concern, everyone. It means so much to me to know there are concerned friends out there.

And thanks for your prayers for the people here, in Central Florida.

Pisco Sours said...

Pat, jumping in belated with my prayers of thanksgiving that you're okay, and intercessions for everyone affected by this. Good God, but I can't imagine!