Thursday, February 01, 2007

What he said

This is the most clear, succint description of Christian faith I've ever read. I think it could replace the creeds.

Where did I find it? At MadPriest's. Yes, you heard me, MadPriest wrote it, on a discussion thread at his blog.

Saint Pat is momentarily silenced.

What I am going to say to you is absolutely orthodox in all denominations. It is not even open for discussion. If you don't believe this you are not a Christian.

When Jesus was raised from the dead by the Father everything was radically changed - everything. This change can not be refused or altered.

Through baptism we are born again of water and Spirit and so become enabled to proclaim that radical change in our words and our actions. We can, however, refuse to take advantage of this gift, though it will never leave us.

Everything that has life has always shared in the life of God because the breath of God is in everything that has life. It doesn't what you believe or don't believe, whether you're a human or an animal, you share in the life of God. No matter how evil you are you are still part of God's existence which is why he loves everything.

Yes, we become more like Jesus, but that is not very important. What is important is that Jesus became us and in dying like we die formed that link through which we become one with him. Don't try and be like Jesus but live your life in the belief that Jesus is one with you - then, if your thankfulness is honest you will become like him without conciously trying. But you do not have to get to a certain level of Christlikeness, you certainly don't have to become equal to Christ. Just relax and enjoy God and he'll sort the rest out.

The people who visit this blog are relaxed in their love of God. They are relaxed because they actually understand what grace is all about.

You see, for an Anglican, I'm an excellent Lutheran, but that's because Luther was an excellent catholic.

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