Monday, January 29, 2007

I got pinned

I got pinned tonight -- got my pin for five years as a volunteer, on-call chaplain at a local hospital, that is.

Five years have flown by. It doesn't seem like I've done enough to earn the pin, but I'll put it on my ID badge, anyway.

Looking around the room at the group of volunteer chaplains sharing dinner tonight, I saw a great group of people. Their views might diverge widely, but they would come together for anyone who needed prayer and comfort. I was comforted by their company.

The chaplain I sat next to had a tiny, handcrafted angel dangling from her badge. Apropos of nothing, she suddenly removed it and gave it to me, so I'd have a little angel to watch over me, she said, and she would make another one for her badge.

The (official) hospital chaplain is terrific. I've gotten to know a lot of the local pastors through my job, and there are none I admire more than this one.

He knows of the situation with my mother. He put his arm around me tonight, and said, "Let's have lunch or a cup of coffee, and you can tell me about it and cry on my shoulder. I'm here for you, too."

It struck me, I don't have anyone at my church I could talk to right now. Father J left last week. There's no assisting. We'll be getting an interim.

This kind man made me feel so much better.

Thank you Lord, for the people you put in my life.


Eileen said...

Pat - God has put you in the right place at the right time. I'm glad the hospital chaplain is in your path!

And here's a hug for you from me for the second time today ((((Pat)))))

Grandmère Mimi said...

Thank God for the (official) chaplain, huh?

I will pray for you, for your mom, and for your church, that you prosper during the interim.

I'll say this for my little church; we seem to do well in the interims between pastors. Perhaps that's a sign of a strong congregation. One advantage is that the interims are generally part-timers, so the rebellious among us can do a little of what we want.

Padre Mickey said...

Hola Pat,
The time between pastors can be a time of growth for many in the parish, depending upon the reason for the departure of the former pastor. I will keep you and your mom and your parish in my prayers.

Padre Mickey said...

And congrats y felicidades on receiving your pin!