Monday, January 15, 2007

Calvin, the anti-blah

Caught in the throes of my foul mood Saturday, I flopped down in my green easy chair. Looking for something to distract me, I pulled a book from the coffee table. It was a collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics (Weirdos from Another Planet) I came across it a while back, while looking for another book.

I sat and flipped through it, and in a short time, found myself laughing out loud.

Calvin, the anti-blah. I think he's my spiritual child. If I had a little boy, I suspect he would be just like Calvin.

Bill Watterson packed a lot into these little comics. Many of them have as much message as you could get in an hour's sermon -- but packaged in terms of hilarity. No preaching involved.

Watterson quit doing the strip in 1995. It is our loss.

So, I''m taking a retro look at the theology and philosophy expressed Calvin and Hobbes. Take a look at the Calvin and Hobbes site. You can pull up comic strips according to theme. If you're not familiar with Calvin and Hobbes, here are a few hints: try searching for snow, God, food, school.

The series involving snowmen is the best anti-winter-blah medicine around -- also check out Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery.

To be, or not to be ... or to melt. Take THAT, winter!

Thank you, Bill Watterson.

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Padre Mickey said...

I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes. The artwork was excellent (it reminded me of Krazy Kat) and the stories were wonderful. I was so sad when Watterson decided to retire from cartooning.

I also love Mutts, which also has great artwork and cute stories; the characters are so alive. Of course, I don't get to read Mutts in the Panamanian newspapers, but I always read the SF Chronicle when I visit California, and get to indulge in my favorite comic strip.